Emanuele Bicocchi was born in Florence on July 15th 1983.

Since his very young age he shows a strong sense of creativeness that he nurtures and develops to make it his own strength. His extroversion is the result of an informal elegance and the ability to express feelings and moods.
At the age of eighteen he starts co-operating with important fashion companies contributing to the creation of several collections of “precious” accessories.
At twenty-one he meets Giulia Diamanti, who will soon become her soul mate and then wife, and that believes in Emanuele’s potentials and supports him through his most crucial decisions.
At twenty-three Emanuele creates his first jewellery collection which is soon enthusiastically welcomed by experts.

Nowadays Emanuele and Giulia run the Emanule Bicocchi brand together with the fundamental artistic contribution of Gino Diamanti. The brand is distributed through out the most important Italian and international retailers.